Common Sense Car Care

By Rick Ostien

     Last month we talked about getting ready for winter. One thing I forgot was the time change. Most of us go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. I have noticed recently that many vehicles have one headlight out or headlights that look like two dim candles. If you cannot see in bad weather or be seen by others then bad things will happen. I encourage you to have your headlights checked. Sometimes they need to be replaced or realigned. This can be very important in bad weather and may help you avoid trouble on the road or even an accident. 

     This month I would like to share something that affects every licensed driver in our state. At some point many of us will replace or buy a first vehicle. Many of these vehicles are used. The last few years more people are selling vehicles privately with many of them unfit for the road. I want to remind people that when you purchase a vehicle from a private owner it comes with no warranty. This vehicle could be unsafe for the road. Usually with no warranty or recourse to return it, the buyer loses their money and may be saddled with very costly repairs to make it safe for the road. The state of Connecticut, as of right now, does not perform a vehicle safety inspection when someone is registering it. This does not protect the licensed drivers of our state. Please, before you make a purchase from a private owner have the vehicle inspected by a licensed repair facility. This will help to head off both current and future problems. The unsafe vehicle you drive can cause as much hardship as a loaded gun. Be sure to have it inspected and be sure to maintain it.

     Another issue lately is that driving habits have gone to the wayside. This week I saw a vehicle drive through a stopped school bus with red lights flashing when a child was crossing the road. It appears stop signs, traffic lights, and double lines to indicate no passing have become nothing but a decoration. It is time for these infractions to have consequences. Work zones seem to mean go faster. What has happened to the move over law on the roadways? Then there is the driver who is trying out for NASCAR, switching lanes with no turn signals, and weaving down the highway trying to get ahead of anyone and anything in their way. The world is in a big hurry and many drivers just do not think far enough ahead. Sometimes what people call an accident really is not one. I encourage everyone to think about what you are doing when you drive and please drive defensively.

     The new year is coming soon. Be kind and courteous on the roads. Think of the many positives in your life. With that being said, we at Franc Motors, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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